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We can supply mindful activity craft kits for your events. We have a range of textile crafts that are enjoyable for all abilities. Why not give a gift that is enduring and enjoyable making the receiving memorable.


Some examples include: Embroidery heart sampler, bags of bunting, quilt cushion, clippy mug rug, crochet fabric baskets.

These kits are designed to teach a skill and are achievable in one reasonable session. Giving the focus and concentration of an activity distracts from the everyday thoughts and has the feeling of satisfaction of achievement when finished. Please enquire with your requirements for more details.


We also supply packs for activity group evenings. These packs are ideal for most abilities and would work well as virtual or live group session such as family groups, clubs, WIs. Please let us know if you something special in mind. There is an option to access a virtual tutor or recorded tutorial too.

the wood cottage crafts bee crochet bask
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