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What do you love to craft?

On a breezy blustery Sunday I thought I would keep you posted on what's happening in the craft studio. I thought I would also ask you what you love to craft?

What craft do you enjoy most?

  • Crochet

  • knitting

  • Quilting

  • Embroidery

You can vote for more than one answer.

We are well into our Crochet Courses on Friday afternoons and new skills and confidence are creating a new love of crochet. We will be keeping these going through February so if you haven't got around to coming yet you can still join any of the sessions to get started. I will be starting a knitting version too later on if people are interested.

We have spaces of these workshops happening next weekend which are lovely creative sessions, you can book your place from here or contact me.

If you don't have the Spaces app to click on these links above, you can access events and workshops from the website drop down menu

Tomorrow sees the start of " Learn to Quilt sessions, if we find the timing of these isn't working we can rearrange if this would help, please let us know.

There will also be some start to sew sessions with a view to learning and honing machine skills, so if you have a project you need a little help with please let me know. I will send information on this with times ect.

I am also hoping to start a "Craft, cuppa and cake" sessions on Thursdays, where people can drop in for a drink, refreshment and if they would like, take part in a craft activity that is available. More on that later, but if you have preferences or suggestions, please let me know.

Lastly for today is the Easter sewing workshop that has limited places left so don't delay on this one, it is good opportunity to book with children to get creative too.

Thank you for all your support it really is a privilege to be ale to help people in their crafting journey.


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