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summertime in the studio

Crikey where has the year gone! It's busy in the studio and at the house with b& b guests too, so there aren't many workshops during August.

We have lots of materials and inspiration to have a bit of holiday crafting, there's nothing better than a project for your holidays so take a look at our kits that you could pack into a suitcase. This heart sampler is a great small project to pack into a beach bag.

Don't forget we do bespoke craft sessions for a group of friends to get together and get creative. Below is the hearts and flowers craft session we did for a hen craft workshop this summer. We have lots of ideas so contact me for ideas once you have a date in mind.

I have been planning for the next season which will include "start to sew" our gnomes and some new macrame workshops. Christmas workshops do get booked up so take a look at the dates, if you have a group of friends or colleagues and would like your own workshop slot contact me with what you would like for some festive craftiness. Hope you have all enjoyed the sewing bee this year, wow, what a final!

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