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Reconnect using crafting

It's time to reconnect and craft

We all know what a couple of tricky years it has been and hopefully, fingers crossed we can start to live again. Friends are so important to our lives and connecting with them has been challenging through the pandemic. We know this at The Wood Cottage Crafts and want to help you reconnect and catch up with those dear to you.

We can learn new skills and develop them with friends, we socialise and catch up on missed times and create new memories.

A workshop helps you by creating that time to do something different and preventing that feeling of anxiety. Crafting is proven to help the brain in the following ways.

  1. Mental challenge and problem solving

  2. Social connection

  3. Mindfulness

  4. Development of hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and fine motor dexterity

  5. Learning and teaching

  6. Focusing attention and thoughts on a task

  7. Encouraging active creativity

  8. Gives a sense of pride and achievement

  9. Teaches patience and perseverance

  10. Facilitates memory formation and retrieval

I know I have lovely memories of crafting with friends that we still refer to today. So during February we are offering you and your friends a bonus to get that meet up in the diary. Until the end of February you can book workshops together and both (or more friends) get 10% discount when you book a workshop together using the code: friends10 . Whether the workshop is this month or in June if it is booked in February you'll save and have something in the diary to look forward to.

Take a look at the events sections of our website

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