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What to buy a crafter?

We all know how January can be a little flat after the festive season, but imagine the arrival of The Wood Cottage Crafts activity box. Each month you could receive a pack of craft inspiration, materials and instructions to create your project. No need to search for a new craft and materials, the hard work is done for you. A carefully chosen box will be sent to you each month, depending on which month you have there is variety of crafts from sewing, embroidery and macramé, over the year. A lovely gift idea, or projects to do with budding sewers, or share with a friend.

They are available for pre-order, with delivery from January 2022. They are an ideal gift for crafting and a great idea for Christmas.

The subscription boxes, complete with materials and instruction card, are sent direct to the recipient. You can choose your start date for presents and they are available in a 3, 6 or 12 month option. Inspire creativity for up to a year. UK post only.

Look forward to a creative 2022.

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